Free Top 6 SMART move you must know while using Internet [2023 updated]

1. Google Search statistics

Internet Live Stat: You can check how many searches per day, or per minute or per second is gonna happening.

Current Stat shows: 

1. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average.
2. 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex. Microsoft are some of the search engine used by the user widely and is leading by Google followed by Baidu (Chinese largest search engine).

2. Internet Speed test

1. Using Router or Modem or using mobile net. Whatever it is check the internet speed here InternetSpeedTest

2.Ookla- The most popular one.
3. The other which i would like to recommend you is Telstra.

3. Moviesite

Before just look for any Cost Driven movie site or TV series, I would like to recommend you can watch free recent movies online on.

1. 123movies contains a bunch of new and old movies you can watch online as well TV series.
2. Movierulz contains Bollywood, Hollywood old new and regional movies too.

These are two BEST sites which i have selected personally from hundreds of tested websites AND WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND. 

4. Online Radio

If you are a radio freak and don't want to miss any program Just click on Here. Here you will get all Indian Radio online, this is the web version of Radio. Below providing Link for popular Radio channel.

The other site where you could select based on your state FM is Change the state in the top bar, you could select any state and enjoy FM in web.

5. Ticket Booking

Skyscanner Cheap Flights: Buy the cheapest Air ticket comparing the price among the cheapest. This sites gives the best results. It compares among the cheapest flight booking platform like

Currently Easemytrip and Happyeasygo gives most affordable price than any other websites, followed by many offers.

6. Doc To Pdf

Dopdf: Download this desktop app and it will makes your life very easy while converting any documents into pdf in laptop or desktop.

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