Top 10 things to keep in mind before taking Rooms

This post is targeted mostly for Bachelors but yes Couple can obviously follow. Anyone who is thinking not to stay in PG but to take rooms for rent. These are the things you must keep in mind. The below points i have posted based on my personal experience. This POST includes the very basic necessities/points to keep in mind while search for rooms, with in a LOW budget.

1. Rent
2. Location
3. Rent Includes (Maintenance, Electricity..etc.)
4. Washroom type
5. Kitchen Basin
6. Meter box
7. Parking
8. Safety
9. Water Availability
10. Sunshine Availability
12. Exhaust


The first and foremost thing is your BUDGET. Do choice the rent based on your capability. Don't cross your budget simply to showcase the standard of living to friEND or office Colleagues.


Do check if there are any Bus-stop near by or Railway/Metro stations. If  you are spending more just to stay near by transport area, its still ok to go on higher budget. Because small small expenditure on transport will cause more monetary effect if you are trying to pay less and stay far from transport areas.

Bus Stop

Metro Station

If you are taking preparation for any exam and also working on the same time, its better stay near office because in this case what matters is TIME, High traffic specially in metro cities will consume time. So based on the requirement and preference you must choose.

So check-- Time, Transport Budget to and fro, Various transport mode and take decision.

Rent Includes

Ask owner what are the things included on Rent. In many metro cities rent includes maintenance charge and sometimes electric charges specially for fully furnished room (rare case), where they provide Sofa, AC, Washing Machine etc. So on using fan or light, if any gets damage, owner will pay for that, this is based on my personal experience. So please do check on this.

Washroom type

Many people are comfortable with Western Setup & some are with Indian. So do check what you want and also check if there is VENTILATION or not which is very important to look at.

Kitchen Basin

Why i found this is important is because i personally have faced kitchen basin leakage and blockage problem in first four room where i have stayed on rent. So please do check it and if there is a problem ask owner to fix and only then pay them in full. This is  horrible though it looks very silly but its not. You are using basin frequently and there is a leakage, water will overflow and not only water get spread and make floor dirty and sticky, it spreads bad smell too. Specially bachelor will show less interest in cleaning right if leakage is there multiple times SO DO KEEP IN MIND #SPECIALLY FOR BACHELORS.

Meter box

Ensure that the meter box is connected to your room only and not to other rooms or pumps or stairs light. It will add more bill unnecessary without your consent. Talk on this and make settlement with the owner.


Check parking if you have planning to buy Car, Bikes and if you have at present. If you are planning do check because it is hectic to relocate frequently just for the sake of parking area. So plan accordingly.


Specially girls staying in a room, do check the locality and the neighbors. It means a lot if you are staying alone or with your friends. Always keep the Women help Cell number saved on your phone.
Now for many metro cities there are whatsapp number by which you can contact directly to the respective women CELL.

 Water Availability

Many metro cities or hilly regions have water problems. Check on those areas. You wake up early for office and no water, and that's gonna be a disaster. Ha ha ha ha.... think about that.

Sunshine Availability

No one like wet, dark rooms right. And its not healthy to live in. So better don't end up staying in unhealthy room for the sake of spending little more bucks. Concentration, health etc. will get effected if you are not considering.


Proper Ventilation is very much needed. Though it can be adjust and it can still be ignored for the sake of budget. Because it can be balanced by opening the window. Yes do check the window for each room. Each room must have one window at least.

This is my First Post. Do check my Blog regularly. Your presence is highly appreciated. Please comment what more you expect. what more you want..Thank you visitors.

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