Best Affordable Smart Watch of this Era

India's No1 wearable brand...??

The wearable brand competition will be too high in the upcoming near future, as many companies either comes up with the fit band /smart watch products or else Smart band company is acquired by tech giant company. one of the renowned example was Google acquired wearable giant Fitbit for rougly $2.1 billion.

Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, motorolla, Mi, Fast-track( Tata product), Honor, Amazfit all are into smart band.

Hey! don't go with the name that Amazfit is owned by Amazon, it's not. Amazfit is a self-brand of Huami which is a biometric and activity data-driven company.

Well back to the point, among all others the brand which is very competetive and acquires 27% of market share in the smart phone domain and topped in Indian market on each of the quarter of 2019 which is none other than Mi.

Yes exactly I am talking about the smart band from Mi. So what I am trying to say is that being a strong competitor in smart phone domain, smart band from Mi what I personally feels the best of its type in this price segment ( below 3k) and also a strong competitor amongst other smart band company specially in Indian market. Mi band 4 which I am using really not only having good specification theoretically but practially too.

From past 4 months I have been using this band, with bluetooth completely on from the day I purchased. Even more frequently I use walk tracker, heart tracker, multiple activity tracker. Basic whatsapp, Phone default sms notification is always in sycn with my smart phone. At a glance with all the features completely in use, this watch gives a battery backup of 8-9 days practically. Also you can play song, cut the phone calls what
I do each and every day. Basically I am a heavy user of this Band this is why I found I am elligible to review this band. 

Acording to me if someone plannig to buy and the buget is within Rs-3000, this is the best. I track my sleep quality every week, which I found very helpful. Any one who have night Sleep problem, he or she can go with this product to check the sleep quality. As data shows in the app which I found is almost close to accurate. Because whenever I found myself drowsy throughout the day, I found my deep sleep went down in my sleep pattern. Not only this the foot steps I found accurate. This full teview is after using it for 4 months nonstop. Few instances I have added below. 
Feb 7 to Feb 15 sleep quality, on 12th feb it goes down. Deep sleep is only 1h 48m that day.
Feb 20 - Feb 28 sleep quality...
Walk activity data Jan 16 - Jan 24..
Everything is waste untill and unless you are not fit, so this is a very simple way how you can track your activity even though it will not give data exactly but the data it provides will help you in structuring your plans. Data redundency is very less when it comes to measuring diatance you covered while walking or cycling as the app is synchronised with google maps. 👇👇👇
The above picture is just to show how the map shows after completing walk or Running. Don't consider the data as the data taken in walk mode while travelling in car just to let viewer to know how the app potrays the mapping.

So finally the one who is really fond of fitness this one is the best buy. No age barrier.

My favourites specifications.

1. Light weight 22.1g
2. Water resistant upto 5atm, Amoled display which gives a glossy finish. Screen looks brighter and not dull. 
3. 3 axis- Accelerometer, 3 axis-Gyroscope, hear rate sensor, capacit promixity sensor, charging time <2hrs and standby time upto 20 days ( *company claimed)

(* Mi Smart Band 4 lasts up to 20 days on a single charge according to Huami Laboratory testing: Tested using default settings, with 30 minute automatic heart rate monitoring enabled, receiving 100 notifications per day, 2 alarms per day, vibrating for 5 minutes, touching the touch button 10 times per day, and syncing with the app once per day. Actual results may differ due to to differences in environment, use and settings.)

You can go to the below link and see full specification

Recommending if the buget is more than 5k

Amaze fit Pace- Mid range
Samsung Smart-Mid range

After use picture of Mi smart band 4
Looks decent, material is thermoplastic polyeurethane.

** Source Mi..
Thanks for the Visit. See you soon.

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