How to know your credit card Score for absolutely Free- Smart thinking [Updated 2023]

Now a days, all transactions are interconnected if it is made online and if PAN number is connccted to that respective account through which transactions has been done. If you are a credit card holder it is very important that you maintain your credit score which get changed onnevery credit cycle.

Now the question is why should I bother aboy Credit score?? 

Credit score is a report card score which tells financial organisation like bank, that you are a good boy or bad boy , means you are a good financial report or bad report.

Let me explain, Suppose you are spending 25k in a particular cycle and you are not able to pay within the due time period, you are a bad boy. If you can you are a good boy. More good you are high will be the score, and viceversa.

This credit score impacts a lot in future while borrowing loans from Bank. High credit score means Loan availabilty will be high.

So its better to track the credit score and manage accordingly & pay within the due time. More specifically 2 days ahead of due date.

The 2nd question is how to avail free facility to know credit score. As all the process are chargeable free of cost. Yes exactly free of cost.

Credit rating agencies: Cibil, Experian, CRIF
Step 1: Dowload the app CRED
Step 2: Enter the login details. 
Step 3: Only if you are a new credit card user or your credit cibil score is good then only you can use this app.

Step 4: After logged in, the interface will look like this.πŸ‘‡..Then click on the controlπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Step 2: Then click on credit card as shown below.πŸ‘‡
Step  3: Then click on add, as I have already added 1 card it's showing one.
Step 4: Then it will show you add card details, like this πŸ‘‡
Step 5: Once you add the card details clicknon proceed, you will get an otp and follow instructions.

Step 6: Pay the due bills before due date using Cred by clicking on pending amount.
Step 7: What ever the amount you pay exactly the same amount of coin you will earn as cred coins. Using this coins you can generate your credit on round shape on the left.

Step 8: Scroll down you will see two score. Experian & CRIF. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ When you are new there will be no score only name will be there. SO CLICK ON the name , it will ask you to spend coins, if you have limited amount use it to know your score.
There are also various offers associated with the cred coins, you can get cashback, Coupons, Discounts. They keeps on adding.

Personal Feedback: I am doing regular transaction and quite happy. I found online comments that people are not satisfied but for me untill and unless I myself abort the transaction, there is no issue at all. Transaction is fast and getting updated within few minutes.

Earned cashback Rs-1389 as of now [2023] plus able to know my credit score.
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