Start Early Investing. Steps to Open Mutual Fund Account by Self. Very Easy Step.


Step1: Go to Sbi Mutual fund

STEP 2:  Then click on New User as shown below:

STEP 3: Fill your PAN details, Email Id, Mobile Number, Password and Confirm password again, type the text as shown and then click on register.

STEP 4: As soon as u click on register, you will get an OTP on your mobile phone, enter it and click on verify.

 STEP 5: Then Fill up the form. Date of birth, Nationality. Tax Status, Address, Gender, Country, Occupation, Gross Annual Income and so on...

STEP 6:  Enter the bank details(Bank name. IFSC code, A/C no..etc) from where you want to invest on this Fund. Make Sure you enter the details very carefully. Note- Please make sure if you are investing monthly, you must allow auto debit option which you will found in the online SBI net banking site.

After filling all the details click on Create Folio.

 STEP 7: After clicking on create Folio you will get this page. Where Your Folio number will be   mentioned, as shown with red circle.

***Folio number is a specific reference number which gives       the identity of your specific fund like you have an account number for bank account.

 STEP 8: Now you have to enter your PAN number on the left side under Invest without login. Enter captcha and click on the check box I have read all the terms and condition. Then click on invest

STEP 9: You will be redirecting to Investor page where you have to give the investor details, use the direct option which is best for the individual who wants to invest directly and there will be no extra charges associated with that.

STEP 10: No need to fill any other details in the broker details section as you see on clicking the Direct option, Broker code becomes Direct. Now Scroll down and enter the Scheme details.

 STEP 11: There are two option available to search the scheme BY SEARCH or BY TYPE, Best way is to click on By Type.

STEP 12: After clicking BY TYPE you will see type of investment you want(EQUITY/DEBT/HYBRID LIQUID...etc), Select the scheme type(mid cap/small cap/large cap) is it monthly investment (SIP-Systematic investment plan) or Lump sum.
and then enter the amount you want to invest whether it is monthly or lump sum. If monthly the minimum is mostly Rs 1000 for large cap fund.

The image shows type of fund under Equity.
 STEP 13: Enter the payment details. Earlier you have entered the Bank details to setup the bank you want to have your transaction from. And now you are going to setup the payment details. The amount  you want to invest monthly, month of invest you want to start, on which date every month you want to invest, and the total number of investment you want. e.g. If you want to invest for 15 years then you should select 15*12 months =180 months or 180 installments.

 STEP 14: Select mode of investing as you want, UPI/NET BANKING. Personally i prefer Internet banking as it will auto deduct my money monthly. Which you have to setup in the NET banking biller section.

STEP 15: If you select number of installments from to date will get selected automatically based on from date.

STEP 16: Then click on accepted terms and conditions and then hit submit.

STEP 17: Now check every details over here and then confirm, if not go back make correction and then hit confirm.

STEP 18: You will see all the details as shown. You are ready to invest. Every month your money will auto deduct from your bank account. Make sure you have opted the auto debit option by login into Net banking biller section.

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