The Best Gift to Your Loved Ones- Memories 50 years [Smart Idea 2023]

We are very selective when it comes to gifting to our special or loved ones. Today i am gonna show you the best way to preserve your memories in the form of gift, guess not its not the conventional photo albums or photo frames. Lets a bit more creative.

Lets start preparing:

Materials you need: Moulding Powder, POP( Plaster of Paris)

Yaah...Remember Plaster of paris, we do use for making models in our school project. We will use the similar trick but its importance is priceless.

Step 1: Buy the Moulding Powder ( i buyed from Amazon)
Step 2: Take cold water in the bucket.
Step 3: Open the packet and pour the powder in Cold water and at the same time keep stirring with stirrer.(Remeber the mixture should be thick and not over dilute). Water should be cold or else it get solidified very fast, then that will be of no use.
Step 4: Apply oil to your palm( top side amd inside) upto wrist.

Step 5: As soon as the mixture get mix well(Untill ot becomes thick paste), put you and your loved one's hand dip into the mixture and place it in between the mixture so that the fingers are well dipped upto wrist.
Step 6: Keep it for few minutes until the mixture get solidified, until it becomes rubber type flexible.

Step 7: The most important step. Pull out the hand one by one. First pull out the hand which is less thicker. Before pulling out try to move the hand a slight to and fro so that it creates a gap and there will be no disturbance on the shape inside. Then pull out the thick hand.

Step 8: Open the plaster of Paris and mix it in another plastic container, Mix it with stirrer properly. Make sure the mixture should not be too dilute.  As it get mixed up properly. Pour the mixture into the mould cavity. 

Step 9: Keep it for some time, until the mixture( plaster of paris) get solidified. When the mixture in semi solid stated, you could write the date of the creation for memories, or even any message.

Step 10: Take out the whole solidified(rubber type) mix from the bucket, by making the bucket upside down. Dont break the whole solidified mix while taking out. 

Step 11: After taking out successfully, remove the semi soft plastic type Moulding mix from the plasterparis. Remove it throughly. After removing it you will get a perfectly designed shape of two hand.You will get shock by seeing the texture.

note: here you cab see the detailing of the texture.

Here is your memory. Clean it with brush, paint it.

You can also use your baby's leg to preserve it. After 20 years you could have given as gift to your children when they are adult.

My purchase details..

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2. COPY CAT STUDIOS 3D High Strength Creamy White Shade Stone Ca- Buy-Moulding Powder

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