Vegetable Stock-Basic Method

Vegetable Stock  

Ingredients Needed: Carrot, onions, bay leaf, cloves, garlic, Pepper Corn (Black Pepper).

The most important part in this recipe is to cut the vegetables, before that Start boiling the water. As we finish the cutting the water gets boiled. 

Cut the Onion into bigger pieces and not in moderate pieces. Because here we need the flavour to come out from the vegetables. As physics says more the surface area more quick will be the reaction, hence more easily the flavour comes out into the solution. So don’t chop finely.


Cut the carrot diagonally, take two cloves of garlic and bang it (crush it) it is just to give a mild flavour to the stock. 

“ These are the basic vegetables but you can add tomatoes, which when added gives tanginess to the stock and also the colour changes to slightly red. But if you want a clear stock then you should avoid tomatoes. You could also add Cabbage and Cauliflower that also gives nice flavour to the stock but it is not compulsory. But if you have them in your home then just drop them in ”.

Add bay leaf, gloves, black peeper these are the whole spices have to add first in the boiling water  then add garlic and cut vegetables (Onion & Carrot).

Keep the pan for 5-6 mins, and then strain the water using Strainer. Stalk is prepared now.

Use the vegetables if you are preparing soup e,g. Broccoli, vegetable soup.

There are the basic vegetables from which stock can be prepared very easily. Even we can use the carrot peel for the stock but we need more for that.

Points to be Remember:
  • If the whole stock is not need store it in refrigerator but not more than 2 days.
  • Don’t make lots of vegetable stock because it doesn’t stay very fresh its better to prepare fresh always.

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