What is UPI ID and How to use it on Amazon [kya hain UPI Id , Kaise Amazon pe UPI ka use Kare] [Updated 2023]

UPI ( Unified Payment Interface) or VPA( Virtual Payment Address) is like bank account number which helps in identifying that this digital account is yours. Like we have Bank savings account number in Bank similarly we have UPI id for digital Bank/ Wallet.

Typically the format is your-name/ phone number@bank name
Phone pay UPI id format is Phone number@bank name
Google pay format is email-id@bank name

Lets get started, How to setup AMAZON UPI account.?

*** Remember- The ph number which is added to any bank account is only to be used in Amazon to setup UPI ID. So you must have your phone number added to your bank accoun.
Step 1: Log in Amazon Account.
Step 2: You are into home page after logged in. Click on More option as given in the pic.
Step 3: As soon as you click on it you will see this page.
Step 4: Click on Amazon Pay UPI. As soon as you click on it, you will get this

proceed option will come. To verify your mobile number click on Proceed. (*standard sms charge may be deduct from your phone balance), and that page will show like this.

Step 5: As soon as you click on proceed, Amazon Pay UPI start verifying your number and the pic will show like thisπŸ‘‡Step 6: After your number get verified, you will be asked to choose bank account. Select the bank you want to add.( Remember the number you verified should be the same as connected to your back account).
Step 7: Aftet added bank, if that bank account is already having UPI ID(e.g. Gpay or phonepe connected bank account) then it will show as. YOU ALREADY HAVE A UPI PIN.
            All done, continue shopping.

(If your bank account number is not added in amazon account, please add the account number by going into manage payment options under Amazon Pay, you will get by clicking on menu option on the left of amazon page.)πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡....or else see step 8.

Step 8: You will be ask to choose the bank account to which you want to add UPI service(option will show only if bank account has been already added else follow above stanza to add bank account).
Step 9: Choose it and clivk on next. Then you have to add debit card number details. Card number and Card validityπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ then click on set your UPI pin.

Step 10: Then you will be ask to enter OTP send to your number, that will get detected automatically or else you have to copy and paste the otp. 
And then you have to Set upi PIN Id, which is like ATM Pin, which you have to remeber whenever you want to pay using UPI service.
Step 11: Click on tickπŸ‘†, you will get an sms like     πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Continue Shopping.

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