#AfterEffect-Improvement in Air Quality of India after Immediate Lockdown and Janata Curfew. Dont Ignore Like ITALY, Be RESPONSIBLE

According to Swiss firm IQAir (Specialised in Technology solutions to protect people from airborne pollutants), around half of the world's 50 most polluted cities are in India because of the sheer number of vehicles jamming the overcrowded street.

According to The Lancet Planetary Health Journal published on Dec 6, 2018 quoted[1]
1.24 million(approx) death in India in 2017 which is 12.75 % of total death.
Out if which 0.67million due to Ambient particulate matter pollution.
On Monday 23rd March the AQI found drastic reduction from 241(Poor) to 109( Moderate) as data collected from Central Control Pollution Board, Forest and Climate change[2].

Showing the Comparative Air Quality Index of 22nd, 23rd and 24th March.
The drop is mainly because of the huge reduction in vehicular traffic - by Dr, Gufran Beg, project Director at the Government of Environment Monitoring Agency SAFAR.

The City Delhi recorded minimum temp of 16.4 degree celsius.

Dual Benefit of Locked down and Janat Curfew ?
So Locked down and Janata Curfew not only serving the purpose of  keeping you safe from Virus infection but also helping in increasing the air Quality of your place. I hope the silence in your City, Town have given the taste how the world would be if there is no air pollution, no sound Pollution.
Protect yourself, and others and stay safe.

Does School, Colleges and Office Holidays means that you should go for a Tour?
School, College are on 15-30 days Holiday, Even Offices, except the emergency services. Are you getting the depth of emergency situation.

It's a tough time for others and we are coping with many problems and we have to. Even daily wages people are struggling severely. But Life is no way big then any other things in the universe.

"We found many people who went for a small tour to tourist places thinking about the holiday given from school, colleges and offices while ignoring the emergencies.(This is what ITALY have done when only 2-3 got infected on the first days and within 15 days touched thousands because of similar ignorance). But don't forget the risk of getting infected while travelling. Because there is a high chance you will be in close proximity to international travelers".

Let us take an example, A group of foreigners(Infected) have travelled in particular rent car and you have shared the same car.

Hence unknowingly from the seat of the car..etc, where you kept your hand you are then carrying and not only you are getting infected. You are bringing others into trouble. You Mom, Dad, Daughter, son, husband, wife who ever it is, when comes in contact with you.

Hence upcoming few days is very crucial for  Indians. Stop gathering, Stop rally, Stop the virus Multiplication. Stay home and stay yourself and other safe. Do the prescribed Hygiene practices.

[1] The impact of air pollution on deaths, disease burden,and life expectancy across the states of India: the GlobalBurden of Disease Study 2017, Lancet Planet Health 2019;3: e 26–39

[2] Centra Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Chnage, Government of India

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