21 days of WORLD BIGGEST Lockdown is a late decision ? Do you think we can defeat COVID-19 with 21 days of Lockdown? Time to Prepare for Stage 3 [Research based Report]

21 days Lockdown is it late decision? Can we defeat??

No we have taken the earliest possible decision. It's still on the transition period from Stage 2 to Stage 3. And just about to initiate.

Compare to European countries and also the size of our country India, this is the earliest possible time India have taken action, failing might could cause a terror in our country.

India have 1.3 billion plus population, if COVID-19 start creating chain reaction, then our country can't afford the medical facilities at all. As India have only 10000 capacity per day to Test Corona Virus at present. Just think of it, the size of medical support we have. As confirmed by Indian Concil of Medical Research Director General, Balram Bhargava & 50000-70000 per week.

India Needs to prepare for that. Though Private hospital will work with Govt. as informed by our PM in the speech.

How India is Preparing to Tackle Corona Virus in terms of Health care facilities..?

15000 crore relief fund (Emergency Financial Package) has confirmed in the Prime Minister speech. This will be for healthcare -strengthening of personal protection equipment for medical professionals, increasing isolation wards and ICU beds, and for training of medical and paramedical manpower.

This will take time. And for that anyhow you need to control the situation. And there is only one way. Which is Complete Lockdown?..I mean 100%.

Will Lockdown ensure that the Virus will stop spreading?

No it will not. But it will prevent the virus to get spread/ slow down and this will give time to government for Pandemic Preparedness.

If somehow the numner goes beyond the limit of the capacity. It would be a disaster.

India by far have taken the correct decision and only the way to tackle the current situation.

What happens to the Income of the people?

Well it's too funny. If you can't stay alive. Then… I hope you understood- make no sense.

Is there any positive cases of Lockdown?

The story is Lengthy...

Dec 31st from the city Wuhan disease started spreading. On 23rd of Jan Chinese Govt. have

declared lock down only for Wuhan City when at least 25 people have lost their life and 830 were confirmed positive and thousands were under medical Isolation.The shutdown was expanded then gradually.

China allocated US$ 144 million to combat the deadly virus.

As of 23rd of Jan not only in China , virus has been confirmed in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and the US. While Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Australia were under the suspected cases.

The world was stunned and experts were not really convinced by the decisions and were very sceptical with the decisions( Such as Amnesty International a UK based NGO). Some quoted as Rude decisions by Chinese govt.

[Now what Indians might be thinking, that govt must not have Locked down for so long.]

But the Truth is!👇

Massive lock down was praise from World Health Organisation(WHO).


Background Story [What You don't know]


Recent study published by South China Morning post have said the first cases was now traced back to November 17 as confirmed from the Govt. record. Resident of age 55., but patient zero is yet to be confirmed.

December 15- The total number touches two digit which is 27.

December 20- Number reached 60.

Chinese authorities confirmed the number was 266 by December 31, 2019. On Jan 1 it jumped to 381

Dr. Li Wenliang, a 29-year-old whistle blower who later died of the coronavirus in 7th Feb was warned by local police as he reported on social media on December 31 last year.

[ Dr. Li Wenliang a chinese ophthalmologist. He also warned his colleagues in December 2019 about the possible outbreak]


However , it was estimated 4.3 million people travelled out of the city between Jan 11 and Jan 23. As the day passes it reaches high and High.

Study says COVID 19 took 28 days to reach 262 chinese cities while H1N1 influenza have taken 132 days to reach the same number of cities.

Now if you see the current scenario after two months of lock down. According to official statistics , China have defeated the Coronavirus. HOW?


19th March- China reported for the first time no domestic transmission cases of COVID-19.

20th March- China reported for the 2nd day no domestic cases.

*** WHO quoted that chinese epicenter for COVID-19 at last gave hope to the rest of the world banking the Pandemic.

21st March- 3rd day in a row no COVID-19 reported.

22nd March- 46 new cases of Coronavirus all imported but only 1 local transmission.

23rd March- 78 new cases, 74 were imported infections. Out out of local 4 only 1 form epicenter Wuhan. Though it arises the fear.

Wuhan though will lock down till 8th April.

Now What about India..?

Thus if Indian like us behave and maintain to stay at home and avoid local gathering the issue will get resolved soon.

As India mostly have imported cases like China have at present. Less local transmission in India (better condition).

22nd March- 5 out of 10 local transmission. State Maharastra.

23rd March- 12 reported on 23rd march out of which 5 local transmission. State Gujrat total 30.

At present (25th March) 536 confirmed from India with 10 death and 40 recovered.

And upcoming 21 days will be very Vital. That will ensure the scenario of Local transmission.

The extraordinary decisions from Janata curfew on sunday to initiate lock down whole country, and for such a big country like India have stand out largely because no other Virus effected big countries took such a drastic steps on predicting the initiation of stage 3.

Take Away 

1. No other country have the shown the courage to calibrate the situation and take action action so drastically.

2. China have Locked down only Wuhan city at first that's also too late, so you read above. Whereas India is ahead of that. Lock down while country.

3. Like Italian people don't ignore the fact, you know the infected count is running ahead and now became the epicenter.

4. China when called for Lock Down there were 4.1 million people who travelled out of the City from Jan 11 and Jan23. Just imagine the size of the population. In that context India byfar is in the safe stage unless we act callously or irresponsibly.

Hence we are no late at all. And we will and we can definitely defeat COVID-19.










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