Bluetooth, Waterproof, drop proof best all-rounder for Outdoor Music.

The best affordable water proof  blue tooth speaker[Updated]

Ultimate Ears is an American in-ear monitor, speaker and ear phone manufacturer whose parent company is Logitech.

Ultimate Ears makes some excellent wireless speakers especially if Waterproofing is consider. The best suited for outdoor activity.
The sound is surprisingly bigger with 360 degree sound. Especially designed for audio to listen in Outdoor environment.

This little(wonderboom 2) buddy has exceptionally great sound quality with 13 hours booming capability. Means start at morning 8am and enjoy nonstop till 9pm picnic.

It comes with IP67 rating which means super waterproof, dust-proof. It's a complete tiny ready to hang around with you in summer. Enjoy while riding in boat.

The great thing is that you can connect with other multiple wonderboom 2. Play more louder.

Wow wow! Not only water proof its a drop proof too. It comes with a stylish hanging loop so you can clip it.(**drop tested from 1.5m company claimed).
Take anywhere you go, whether you are riding a bike or cycle or a car.
Want to Dance, then keep it hanging on a tree.

The major improvement in Wonderboom 2 then Wonderboom.
1.13 hrs inspite of 10hrs which is 30% longer.
2. IP67 the former is IPX7.
3. Comes with outdoor boost technology.

It comes with 2years of limited hardware warranty.
Wireless range of 33m which is 100ft.

Connectivity: Any device that supports Bluetooth( Advanced audio distribution profile)
Charging time- 2.6hrs.
Maximum sound it produce is 87dbc (outdoor boost mode)
Weight around 450+ gm abit heavy.
Durability is exceptionally high.

Design: The design is awesome, because of the fabric it looks premium, sporty and not boring perfect for hang around mood.

If you throw in water, it will float and despite of water proof don't worry it work as it is a new. IP67 proof.

Hence checking out all the other bluetooth speaker it is the best in terms of Outdoor activity at this price segment.

If not this, then what you can go with Ultimate Ears wonderboom the earlier version of this.

**IP67 means ot can be submerged in water for 30 minutes. Check Price.

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JBL Flip 5

All now Available..[Updated]

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