Score Big with Realme's First-Ever Smart Band Featuring Cricket Mode - Check Out the Best Value for Your Buck!

Hey hey! What special with this Band, R you curious to know. Oh wait you know it already , it's all the feature you want- from the Realme band.
This band is specially equipped with Cricket mode only for Indian.Customer.
Key Highlights
IP68(1.5m) Water Resistance Rating
Removable strap- with three option available.

IP68(1.5m) Water Resistance Rating.

Simply designed and have tried to give a premium looks and suceed. Screen is wide 2.4cm, with touch button sensor which supports 65000 colours.

Can change your dial face using realme link app.


The most interesting part is the activity it is supported. From running , cycling, hiking, bike, cricket and yoga too.

Minitoring Heart Rate

Mostly the bands which comes wih 24x7 heart tracking option, the price range is high. Whereas this smart band is literally the best at this price range with all those features.

The inbuit high precision PPG optical heart rate sensor will track your heart rate every 5 minutes. Hear rate includes resting heart rate, real time heart rate.

Monitoring Sleep Quality

The other big feature which every smart band have is sleep monitoring. This also comes with intelligent sleep tracking ability based on heart rate and body movement which is analysed by the feeded algorithm in software.
Smart Alert Feature

Suppose you are working and the body is not in movement for long time, this smart watch track it and notify you to walk or drink water.
Its like a mother , taking care of each and every aspect.

As you lift your wrist by turning , due to 3-axis accelerometer it will track the wrist movement and the screen gets light up automatically. This is same in every smart watch though.

As you sync your realme smart band with realme link app, you can configure the notification settings.
It comes with smart lock feature too. As your band in your awrist is close to your smart phone, your phone will gets unlocked. Smart isn't it.

Calorie burnt, Step Count, water reminder, Sedentary reminder are also part of it.

All you can see through with 2.4cm scree with resolution of 80x60.

Other functions are..
***OTA update
Company claims that weather forecast feature will coming with On the Air/wirelessly. Hence there is a possibilty many other new updates will come in with the hep of OTA feature.Cloud multi-dial, Multi language font also yet to come with OTA.

According to company Website, it will support 

Android 5.0+
Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth Link App.

Now the most Important part which is Battery. With tons of feature in it the battery must be sufficient to hold all this features for long time.As the company declared the capacity is 90mAh - Bureau of Indian Standard maintained, and it last for 6-9 days , with heart rate working through out it will last for 6 days, while without is 9 days.

It supports USB charging no extra wire. At a glance the premium and minimalist design ergonomically which is highly comfortable as the weight is as low as 20gm.

Price Below Rs-2000

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