Gold Online Purchase and Investment [Updated]


Are you thinking to make an investment. And don't know where to invest. Then you are on the right place. There are many investment policy right form equity, shares, bond, real state. All have there individual benefits and cons. Now where to Invest. Yes exactly Gold. You heard it right.

Gold is one of the most preferred investment because of its high liquidity and inflation beating capacity. There are three points on the next topic which would help you to take the correct decision whether to make investment on gold or not.

Investment in gold But Why???

Safety, liquidity and returns are the three criterion most new investor looks for before making any investment. The two first point will tell you exactly why you should go for Gold investment and the third point will let you know exactly how you could gain and what are the risk factors associated with that.

1. Inflation beating investment- The main focus of our investment should be to beat the inflation at the same time protecting the main corpus. And gold investment is one of that. If you see the past market activity of gold, over the time, the returns on gold investment has been in line with the inflation rate.

2. Gold rates is inversely proportional to equity investments. Example- Gold starts performing very  well when equity markets starts performing poorly. If you go through the graph of gold price , 2008-2009 is a good example of that. The global financial crisis of 2008-2009 is not something that will happen too often, but that time many flocked to gold and pushed up the price. The current scenario of Gold and equity because of Global Virus threat is also a good example of inverse relation.

3. If you are looking for very high growth income well its not might be an option but don't forget the Dual benefit of the gold. Its volatile and at the same time it will protect the value of your money.  

Globally famous investor "Warren buffet" says: Golden rule of investment should be

Rule 1. Never loose your money.
Rule 2. Don't forget rule number 1.

Dual Benefit of Gold

No other investment will give you such type of benefits. This is the only one of its kind.
Suppose you make an investment of Rs 1,50,000 on gold and after 10-15 years you want to make jewellery of that same  amount. Two things can be done sold the gold which would be much in higher price that time or use that gold to make the jewellery what needed to built and sold the rest. Use that money what is sold to pay the making charges ans taxes.

As we all need gold at certain point of time. We must invest on gold for making gold products.

Modern way of Purchasing Gold.?

Let me clarify from whom you should purchase and who are they. Do we believe on the purity they are declaring online in the name of MMTC-PAMP

What is MMTC?

MMTC is a Metal and Minerals Trading Corporation of India a Govt. of India Enterprise(Miniratna). It is the largest public sector trading company.
Incorporated in 1963 to become a specialized exporter of minerals and ores and importer of essential non-ferrous metals.

What is PAMP?

PAMP is is switzerland based world leading bullion brand which operates the state-of-the-art precious metals refinery and fabrication facility. It is an integral part of MKS PAMP group a global precious metals and financial services company based in Geneva having 50 years of Trading expertise.
Now let us know what is MMTC-PAMP..?

MMTC-PAMP is a joint venture companies between MMTC and PAMP. Attaching pdf here.

Is it reliable to buy MMTC-PAMP gold coins and bars.?
Yes, exactly it is reliable and even you can sell it if you want to.

Where can you buy ?
Amazon gold buy is a great option. They will provide you the certificate. Don't tamper the seal. While selling the gold the gold pouch should be untampered.
 Check this out to buy...

Other options from Bangalore Refinery Private limited.

 (a) MMTC 
 (b) PAMP
 (c) DIPAM

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