How To Fix , Earning at Risk- You need to fix ads.txt file issues to avoid severe impact to your revenue. STEP BY STEP METHOD. [BLOGSPOT]

Well Congratulations!
You might have received this message from Google in your Mail account.
For having adsense account approved by Google.

So let'a start with the add setup. As our priority here is to fix the monetization issue right...So here we go,

Step 1 - Click on SET UP ADS, you will be redirected to 👇

Step 2 - Above it is written Earning at risk. Now from here the work starts. Let's go fo fix that issue in a very simple way. So click on Fix now.

Step 3 - Now it will be redirected to 👇 page.

you will see a download option. Click on it.

Step 4 - As you click on it text file will get download. Open the downloaded file you will see your publisher ID and code as below.👇

Step 5 - Copy the whole content, go to your home page, Click on settings as you see on the bottom left corner above reading List option.👇
Step 6 -  On clicking setting you will see Search Preferences option. Third last option.👇

Step 7 - After clicking Search Preferences under Crawlers and indexing you will see, Monetization on which you will get custom ad text. Click on edit. Here it is showing Enabled. But who haven't fixed the issue yet
it will show as Disabled.

Step 8 - On Clicking edit, a small box will open up, paste the content here which you have copied from the download text. Save it.
Your Job is done. Wait for an hour or 1day. 

***Untill unless Google automated system will crawl into your site the Fix issue  command will stay there. But don't worry you have fixed the issue with the root directory stuff. Go enjoy and develop your site. Automatically the issue option will vanish.
Thanks for reading the blog. Hope the content helped you. Keep visiting.

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