How to Track Real time Corona Virus Spread

Disclaimer- Beware of Frauds if some website claims to download the app. Even you may find email asking to click on the link and end up phones and Computers taken over by malware or computer viruses.

Ever since the CoronaVirus started spreading from Dec 31, the tracking of that becomes very crucial to understand the upcoming threat.

In order to understand the pattern, an innovative approach has been made by the researchers of Systems Science and Engineering Services(SSES) an interdisciplinary research department of John Hopkins University. They made an online web based platform to keep track on number of cases world wide in real time. 
All the data is based on World Health Organisation(WHO) and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.
The John Hopkins CSSE dashboard, however, it is not the only source of live information on this developing epidemic. But Health Maps data are curated from Publicly available resources, Govt data and news media reports.

The data is visualized through a real-time graphic information system (GIS) powered by Esri

What Information you will get in this Platform?
Countries which are effected, its death and how many of them are recovered.
Also it will show you in map, every countries location where Corona Virus effect was there.       👇

Punjab also launched COVA app to spread awareness for Corona Virus. It will also help you to Check the symptoms and will help in suggesting nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, researchers at the Augusta University’s Medical College of Georgia are developing an AI-powered app that will let users get an at-home risk assessment based on how they are feeling and where they should visit.

Healthmap developed by researchers from the University of Oxford, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital and Northeastern University.

For INDIA Coronavirus Tracker click on

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