What is Lock Down.? How it is different from curfew. What Comes under Essential Services.

What is Lockdown?

There are   in people being prevented from leaving or entering a building in the event of an emergency. This method is used after an disturbance to minimize the possibility of damage or harm to individuals located around the incident.
What Indian as well as Global countries are doing comes under Mass Quarantine measure.?

It's basically to restrict the movement of population to mitigate or reduce the effect of epidemic or pandemic as a mass quarantine strategy where essential services are less available and can be enforced by  collector or Chief Medical Officer.
Non essential business either closed or changed to Working from Home.
This is also called as Stay at home order(also known as shelter in one place order).

Some people have a concern that it includes door-door searching and putting people into a quarantine similar to Wuhan Lockdown.

The term Lockdown was used by media and WHO on Jan 2020 to describe the action taken by government  of China in order to control the outbreak. Media also used the same term to describe the Spain and Italy action to curb the Pandemic.
Although it is not a technical term in Public Health or Laws.

As the Lockdown expanded to other countries the definition again slightly got shifted. Authorities of San Francisco issue an order and used the term "Shelter in Place"  which causes great confusion among the citizen. Later because of the confusion Govt changed the name to Stay-at home instead. Shelter in place generally used by their government when city is exposed to Mass Killer. 

In India, the restrictions on movement and services have been enforced by state government, after advisories from Center. This restrictions derive their legal basics from the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897.

[Sec 2 of this act says, state govt have the power to take special measures and prescribe regulation as to dangerous epidemic disease.] 
In this case Citizen cannot be arrested without cause during Lockdown without court permission. They can issue a warning  and advice the people to lead home.

If the person get adversarial, the police have the right to arrest them under section 269 and 270 of the IPC. If someone were to escape from quarantine, the authorities can book him under section 271 of the IPC.

Now the Question is What is Curfew?
A Curfew is when section 144 is imposed under the Indian Penal Code(IPC) where essential services were also shut down. Only emergency service available and with very few exceptions. Special pass is required which is called Curfew pass for movement.
The power is with Police Commissioner and the collector.

Currently How many Cities or states are in Lockdown.? Is it Whole India.

All 32 states/UT are in Complete Lock down.
Date of Announced- 24th March.
Total District - 560

What are the Essential Services allowed?
This includes emergency services which is Health Care services and is the top most priority. And daily necessities like Milk, vegetables, pharmacy, grocery stores and hospitals.

Home Ministry Guidelines  for Essential Services.👉https://mha.gov.in/sites/default/files/Guidelines.pdf

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