How to make 5000$ and more with CreateStudio Animation Software ?

With CreateStudio you can now very easily make Video ads, explainer Videos, video post and much more inside the simple user interface.

With the template available in the studio you can simply add business logo details, and have your videos done in just few minutes and save money and not needed any outsourcing for your own business. Be the Boss of your Own.

This is particularly for your business. Now what if you want to start your own business where you want to create Video ads for other businesses, Video post, 3D video story, Banner and lot more for other business from where you can earn limitless.

This is a digital era and all want to open their channel  either on youtube, Instagram, or in the most popular Facebook page. In every cases the important thing is 15 secs of engagement to your content that might be the video or text writings. As research says 1st 15 sec is very crucial to engage the viewers to your content and this will determine the viewers will stick to your content or not.

Hence engaging your customers to your content is very necessary and animation is a way how you can create your content more interesting, eye catching and loving. From small children to adult all likes to view story rather than only a audio story. Hence the content will not only increase your views for your present content but also attract viewers for the upcoming content.

All you can do with ALL-in-One video animation software called createStudio.

Now Don't stop here, I am going to tell you step by step method how to earn online with this animation software.

Step 1: Download CreateStudio

Step 2: Get a bit hands on experience on it.

CreateStudio is meant for all experience level.(Meaning you can use templates and preset animations for pro looking designs in minutes or you can start from scratch).

Step 3: Create Videos to Showcase your creativity.

Using CreateStudio create 5-10 high quality videos, which would take a FEW hours or less.
(It is recommened to use Logo used in example videos or your custom made logo. Remember- Create the video in such a way that a particular POTENTIAL business can picture their brand in the video.

Step 4:  Create Seller account on Fiverr

There are many website where you can work for many companies to create their ad animated video, animates presentations, animated short story videos, and many more. One of that website is

Go to that website, sign up as a seller. Create a listing for Pro Animated Video Ads.

Add all those 5-10 show case  videos in your account.

And just like that you can start accepting order and make money.!

But don't just stop here, there are lot m ore things on your way.............

A few More ideas step wise will help you to multiply your earnings.


Grow your client list by advertising your animations on you tube. It's sooo easy...

Just create a youtube account with your Fiverr name and add a link in the bio to your listing.
Then upload videos as much as you can.

Also what can you do with your youtube account with different name is, start a new channel of your interested niche and create video to explain the story.

Let say for an example......

you have Started a History channel where you want to explain different story related to history. viz. Story of Pearl Harbour attack... sketch the story based on that.. Its that simple with CreateStudio.


Grow your client list by advertising your animations on your Personal website.
Owning a website and hosting your own create animations is never been son easier as it will be with CreateStudio.

Connect your website with your Fiverr account and tell your story in a animated way.

TYPE of Video and Animations you can do to make money with CreateStudio Animation Software.

- White Board and Explainer Videos
- Lyrics and Music Videos
- Video edition and Post production
- Intros and Animated Logo
- Animated Characters 2D and 3D
- Character Modelling
- Spokepersons and Testimonials
- Video Greetings
- Promo Videos and Brand Videos

It is higly recommened to play with the CreateStudio software for a little bit and make some example videos.

Then when you are ready to, post your example videos in the Fiverr account.

Once you grab your confidence start experimenting more with the new skills to your very own  product or your business idea.

Now go to download CreateStudio and start making money from home ASAP!

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