Is CreateStudio Genuine or Scam ?

I saw the post where people are not sure of the genuinity.... 

Let me clear you first, this is not a scam..Now the question is how could i know? A little bit of insight about the software maker and his past launches says---

Name of the Creator- Josh Ratta

Linkedin Profile-

Earlier product Launched by him Vidello for Marketing and Elearning.

Next Launch was for Create by Vidello a video editing and screen sharing desktop software.

The other creation is AudioFlow an Audio Suite for video creators and Agencies.

The product CreateStudio is not launched yet and according to the Official website no one have the full access of the product. Its just a comparison with other product in the market. But the product earlier launched by the creator is real and genuine. Hence there is no question of scam.

Its just the same as many electronic product get launched. Neither Samsung, Nokia, Apple used to give the full access of any new product. Yes you can say few youtubers used to review the product prior to actual launching but those cases are very few and mostly seen for smartphones hype. Also you will not see Led TV, Refrigerator is reviewed physically prior to launching generally . Pre Launching actual review is very limited. Pre Launching review is only the comparison with the available product in the market and to showcase the power and features of the current product.

Many websites have reviewed (CreateStudio) even this websites too, just because of the brand fame gained from the earlier product and the success rate. Product launched earlier by this creator is listed above. Vidello is one of the biggest success of the creator. Just because of affiliate promotion it would be very mean to consider it is a Scam and not Genuine. Every business promote their product either by direct advertisement or affiliation.
As we know already there are many websites who have affiliate program. Starting from Amazon to Chinese Alibaba all have affiliate program. And I am very sure we get the genuine product after going through the product review made prior to Launching.
Stay  tuned for until 12th May when his product will get launched and I am very sure this would be an another success based on the limited access of the resources I have.

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