Must Buy Appliances which helps you in MAKING PURPOSEFUL DIET for Bachelors to stay healthy while Staying at Paying Guest, Mess or Rent. DIET hack for EXAM PREPARATIONS.

Let me start from the breakfast, while going for Tutions what we do, we mostly missed/skipped breakfast, and we take outside food such as tea and biscuits and Sutta(Cigarette). Taking sutta it seems like you have grown up into an adult and also looks stylish too. But the reality is that "iska parinam bhugatna bad me padega"(Hindi). How to Avoid this and also what can you do to replace that. Remember every meal have its effect and ALSI lagna during waking up in the morning is also associated with your diet. Just keep few things in your mind and it will make your life smooth and Healthy. Na Alsi na tiredness 100% Guarantee.


Take boiled egg which you can do at your home which gives protien and necessary fat along with so called bachelor food banana which helps in digestion. Eating banana and boiled egg is just a matter of few minutes and yes preparing egg too needs few minutes. Also you can add Sprouts/chole or both. At night just immersed in water before sleep. Itself it will get prepared to eat on the next day.

Question is how to prepare egg?

Solution- There is a egg maker available which comes in the cost of Rs 360 to 500 and branded under 1200. While Brushing keep 2 egg in the egg maker and leave it until you finish your brushing. Take 2 banana, 2 egg and chole/sprout will take 10 mins. If mess doesn't provide EGG no problem. Cook yourself using Electric Egg Cooker Price less than 400.


No need to much just add remaining sprout from the morning and Salad to the PG food. Take less Rice/Roti(Carbohydrate= Make you fell LETHARGY (ALSI)


During Evening take Green tea as it will provide anti oxidant inspite of taking samosa and other fast food. National Technology of Biotechnology Solution even claims that "" you can go through the articles. Not only that American Journal of clinical Nutrition claims the high beneficial value of Anti oxidant present in Green Tea.  In my days what I have preferred is Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker to prepare tea, boiling milk, Boiling egg, sometimes maggi, also to prepare boiled rice for two people. Preparation of green tea is just a matter of minute. Just same as normal tea, boil water into the cup and add one pouch of green tea.

So, if you have less budget than you can go with Boiled egg maker or if you want multi work, spend extra buck than you can go with Multi Cooker.