One Recent Movie that reflects everyone's Life basic disturbances - not having BOX Office Numbers

Namdev Bhao in Search of Silence: The movie is all about the noise that someone wanted to get rid off. When you are really disturbed because of many things which happens to your life the ability to attract the noise increases and it becomes so intense that you want to leave and want to visit Himalayas or any silent place and that happens to everyone of us at certain moment in life. 

City Mumbai experienced an enormous amount of  noise daily. Mumbai is noisy than London and New York by around 46-48 times.The entire movie is about in search of silent place. The movie is beautifully cinematograph. The whole crew member consist of 8-10 core member which includes Director, Assistant, Designer, Camera man, with additional 5 person while shooting in the hilly areas of ladakh.

The very disturbance or the noise in our daily life is beautifully expressed in  this movie. You wake up in the morning with the Religious sound Arati, then there is a phone ring, then there is a milkman ringing the bell, then you hear the street vendor, all this has been beautifully captured.

Let me tell you how the idea of this movie came into mind- While the entire team is on a break during post production of 1st feature film "three and a half" in the small mountain city of Maharashtra, on a normal discussion the topic of noise came, and they started discussing on the fact that really each of them are very frustrated of the noise that everyone of us experienced in a day to day life particularly in the City of Dream "Mumbai", when you actually have a lot of things in your mind and you really need certain space to calm your mind. When such type of discussion were going on, the sound designer also shared his experience that how difficult to shoot and capture the entire sound of the dialogues and you need to ignore or cancel out the noise and only need to focus on capturing the dialogues. This gave them the idea for the next movie suddenly.

Naming the Character