The Story of Dar Gai- Director Producer of Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence [Ukranian Director] Present Production- Ritviz's Sage, Riggi, Nit Nit by Jalseen Royal

The Story of Dar Gai the Ukranian Director
Dar Gai who very recently popularized because of the music video production of Liggi, Sage of Ritviz and also Nit Nit by Jasleen Royal. The youngster definitely have come across the music videos in youtube. And if you are here it means you want to know who she is. Obviously she is not India, but she is an Ukranian citizen. She studied in National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine. She is a Physiology student holds a master degree(Master of Fine Arts).

How she Came to India

As she is well aware of the Western culture, she want to experience the culture of the east. And so she planned to apply for the job in eastern countries Korea, Japan, China and India. She got a call from small Organisation, colleges, universities of multiple countries in this four. And one of them is from Scindia School of Gwalior, small city near Agra. The school is a completely boys boarding school, with interesting tradition and so she felt to join this School. While in college days of her, she was more active in participating in many theatre group, she has also organised theatre festivals, art exhibition and many other activities. Well she joined here as a German Language teacher and also teaches "Theatre Art".

She joined and stayed for 6 months and wanted to leave but on request she extended for another 6 months. While she have extended during that time period she was invited to teach screen writing and creative writings in Mumbai. Interestingly she still continued to stayed as a teacher in the Schindia School of Gwalior and this been almost a 7years she is teaching there.

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