What's New on WhatsApp, check the new update here...Coming soon...!

Well with a family of 2 billion users, whatsApp is improving day by day. We know it already right how ot played a role in our life, from business, to ordinary people. Though it has started its journey only to communicate but now, it's not limited to that.
We all know it can be used for business purpose only, also for products promotion, Website promotion, PubG friends groups and many more.
Last month during the Lockdown, they came up with advance end to end encrypted Video calling upto 8 members, prior to that Dark mode of WhatsApp has launched. Now its again they are coming with mainly 4 updates to ease the communicate much more. 

1. Animated Stickers: We know using stickers, and peoples are using to a large extend. It has gained popularity to fast that WhatsApp now coming with animated sticker which is more expressive than static one. The below picture is the static one. What if it moves. This is what they are coming up with.
Stay tuned.

QR Codes: Now it will be more easy to update or add contacts. And that can be done using QR code. Now no need of adding the numbers manually, just scan the QR code of your friends or anyone whom contacts you want to save, it will add automatically to your contacts.

Dark Mode: Initially they have come up with dark modes of WhatsApp only for mobile devices, now they are going to launch it for desktop and WhatsApp web as well. Stay tuned.

Group Video Calls Improvement: Within the group, there was no Video icon to make a group video call. Now this has been added to make easier for call. Just need to tap one button for the video call. Also another update was Participant video zooming facility (Maximise it upto fullscreen). Suppose the person who is speaking, you can zoom it in the screen by clicking that person's video on the screen. Earlier it was not there.

Update for KaiOs user: KaiOS user can now share there updates which will disappear after 24hrs.
All updates will be rolled out in the upcoming few weeks. Stay tuned.

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