It's 2021 and we are close to 2022. Era of Artificial Intelligence. Understand AI in layman words.

What is Artificial Intelligence..?

Human have intelligence right, what if same intellectual capability is showing by any electronic devices (robots, computers, chat bots, self driving vehicles..etc etc..).

Lets elaborate with an example- You might have seen chat bot in the website. When you just enter into any website you will see a chat box opens up and ask "How may I help you" or "What are you searching for", even in some bank by chatting you will able ask your query, its like you are chatting with any human being and they would try to resolve your answer. You ask any question in the chat, the bot will give you the answer like if someone human is chatting with you.

The other question you will encounter is...How this intelligence is developed in the system here in the Chat bot..?

Simple answer to this question is, by feeding the already generated questions and answers to the system.

How this is done?

Companies collects all the data, what generally user/customer ask on visiting the bank website or probably what would be the probable query does one customer have. The questions and the answers to the questions are then feed to the system. When you ask any question to the chat bot, the bot try to searc for the keywords, system then search this keywords on the database (similar to human brain) of chatbot. 

This AI is not limited to only chat Bots, example of chat bot is taken to make you understand how it works, and how data plays a key role in developing the AI.

Is AI is the Future?

Yes absolutely, it is. AI is not new though. Terminator is an example of AI driven robots can be call cyborgs. The concept of AI is too old, the word cyborg coined by  Manfred Clynes in 1960 just imagine. Please note Cyborgs is not AI, but the application of AI.

Cyborgs means a being with organic and bio-mechatronic body parts.

Is AI dangerous?

Everything which is discovered which is helpful if goes to wrong hand is dangerous. Everything has positive and negative side. To understand how much that can be dangerous just watch I Robot.

What if the control of War robots goes to wrong hands. Recently bots were user for automatic booking and cancelling the cab when cab reaching the booking location, this became the major issue in the recent past as faced by uber.

The other example is Bots giving the fake product review on the Amazon website automatically.

Does AI require coding?

Yes it requires coding to build the system or the software (platform), this platform then requires data to make the model understand what what should be the output, on feeding a particular input.

Eg: You have a new born baby, do baby knows what is smile, what is cry, what is fan..They collect the data from the environment day after day to understand what it is and based on that reacts after a particular age. Now how this baby comes???

You need to go through a biological process right, and this is what is coding to built the system.

Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and C++ are major AI programming language used for artificial intelligence. Python is the most trending language at present as it is easy to write and learn. Even arts, commerce students can learn.

Is Alexa an AI?

Yes Alexa (Amazon) is AI even  SIRI (Apple), its same like bot what is discussed earlier but have the listening skills and to responds. To built this system different sounds are feed in many different language to make the device understand what actually it is and what should be the output.

Is AI a good carrier to pursue?

The World Economic Forum's “The Future of Jobs 2018“ report predicts that there will be 58 million new jobs in artificial intelligence by 2022.

Is Google an AI?

Google is a Search Engine driven by AI, its like a Guru/Teacher. The question you ask Google will definitely give the answer. You search Artificial Intelligence in Google Teacher and you are going through this article as Google search this key word in the database for you and placed on your screen.

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