Credit Cards: The Pros and Cons of Plastic Money. Your VIEW will change from now on 100% Guarantee after you read this [2023 Updated]

                               CREDIT CARD AN ADVANTAGE OR DISADVANTAGE

I know its a big question for the people who just got job and have their first salary in their account and along with that the SALARY ACCOUNT credit Card or any other banks credit card. People of age 21-22 mostly suffered using credit card. And after using that for over a year they get frustrated with the usage of credit card BCOZ of hight interest and thus have a bad impression on that finally.

Now WHY SO?....Million dollar question...Why it happens..?

Generally speaking people at this age,  get job , get their first salary along with that you have more higher limit to spend money using credit card to lavishly lead a life. And without thinking twice people use this credit card often beyond their limits and while failing to repay have to pay HUGE AMOUNT OF INTEREST. This is where the catch is. On reading till now you might have thought its the disadvantages of credit card and so not to use. But no its not the case actually promise. Sincerely usage of credit card have ample of benefits and I can challenge you from next time onward you will love to have multiple CREDIT CARD in your pocket.

1. Pay each and every basic bills through your credit card wherever possible.(Ex- Electric bill, Tele bill, Room rent bill -which can be done using 👉 CRED. Remember the basic expense only which you can pay from the pocket.

Now I know you must be thinking why should you pay if you can pay that time, yes exactly that's the crux. You pay through credit card and then you have two option you invest anywhere for 50 days and then before due date you pay it. Or else just after paying using credit card, pay the credit card bill. This would increase your points. Which later can be redeemed for paying your credit card bill.

2. There are huge discount sometimes in Amazon, flipkart and other website which decrease the actual price very drastically. Check this amazon Link

3. Every 3 months onward bank used to send coupons ranging from Rs-500- 1500 or more depending upon your spend. But remember only spend  the basic monthly expenditure  using credit card which you generally pay offline. No need of expend more just to get high coupon value.

4. Use No-Cost EMI for buying anything and remember some bank deduct charges of Rs 200 or less as a service charge to start the EMI that's it.

5. Never Withdraw cash from the ATM using credit card.

6. Always try to pay the whole bill amount and not the minimum amount as the rate of interest will be very high on the remaining amount unless you clear all the bills.

7. Don't use SMART EMI, now what is this?..

Like we have no Cost EMI option in Amazon, there is an EMI option provided by the bank within. Let us suppose you purchase TV cost around 50K, and you pay in full cash using credit card. Now in the credit card section on your online bank account you will get option to turn it into EMI. Please avoid as much as possible as the rate of interest would be high.

8. Only in case of serious emergency you could use credit card apart from the basic needs. For example- Urgently Booking flight tickets/hotel booking or something like that towards the month end.


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