Four most usable Website/ Application and one with CASHBACK benefit

Most useful websites:

1. Sky Scanner -  This helps in comparing the price of the flights across all the websites and then book which is lowest in price. Website

2. Trivago - Like Skyscanner this website contains all the online hotels(World wide) in one platform, so when you want to book hotel you can actually compare the price of the same room on different website. Book the one with lower price, and you don't have to search different websites for the same room to check the price. Website

3. Cash Karo - This one is the recent in the market. Everything what we buy from the flipkart/Myntra/Amazon/ Tata Cliq etc, we don't get any cashbacks on our purchase but if we by from using this website you will get cashback of upto 10%.

Let's calculate the price:

Purchased one Television of Rs-20,000 from Amazon no cashback from Amazon.
But if we did the same using Cash-karo account the Cashback amount will be 5% on 20,000 = 1000 this gets deposited in your Cash karo account and can transfer to your bank account. So better you download now. Because we purchase more than we think and the Cashback is our Asset isn't it. Also get Rs 50 on signup by click on download now.

Download Now (Play store)

4. Ookla - is one of the best website to check on the internet speed.. 

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