Things you must remember before 18 to train your mindset I Not Easy I Not Impossible I [Updated 2023]


1. Be disciplined whatever you are doing or interested in. Discipline is a big word, and covers every aspects of life. You woke up, you brush your teeth right, then breakfast on time and so on. So the kind of discipline you follow here must also be followed in study or any work you do.

2. Start generating passive income, option can be online tutoring, freelancing based on your habit, investing in stock market etc. Now the term "Stock" might be very frightening for many of you. You must have heard that this is a gamble from our previous generation. That's TOTALLY incorrect.

If you want to take it as a gamble then its a gamble like if you only want to pass in exam by cheating then that's too is a gambling with your future. So read multiple books, watch tutorials try to understand the fundamental and then starts Investing. Better to follow technical chart for analysis rather than Fundamental analysis of any organisation.

Books you can read on :

    Study guide for the New Trading for a living by Alexander Elder. Buy on Amazon

    Long term secrets to short term trading by Larry Williams. Buy on Amazon

     Super Trader by Van K. Tharp.  Buy on Amazon

    The disciplined traders: Developing winning attitudes. By Douglas. Buy on Amazon

3. Always be wise to yourself. 

4. You are responsible for what you get in your life. Parents are not responsible. That's bitter truth. Your life its your headache how to fix it.

5. Try to save money from the pocket money to buy stocks.

6. The thing you know better, share with other using blogs. No need to be a teacher or professor by profession to do that. If  you have potential show and share with the world. It will open up more opportunities you might have not thought or planned or would have expected at that point of time.

7. If you are preparing for entrance then hold on other activities to focus on subjects. But don't stop. Holding is temporary.

8. Relationship exist when there is a mutual transaction. Even this is true with your parents. That's the bitter truth. You are truly lucky if there isn't but that's not possible. There always need to have transaction which can be silent, but its always there.  

10. There is nothing like many people use to say that "If you crack entrance you can do whatever you want and so this time you need to work harder. ABSOLUTELY FALSE STATEMENT.

You have to work until you die. No matter what career you are choosing. The catch is the type of work you are choosing. If you have real interest and that's the reason you choose that particular career then you won't feel the stress and won't feel the work is tedious and you don't feel the work is actually a work.

11. Always try to learn new thing and apply those habits immediately on your life.

12. Always do your task on your own with utmost genuineness, whatever the task would be, not only in professional life but also in personal life. It would help you to stay away from any guilty if your work is done by other and if its found wrong..

13. Self improvement - Apart from academic try new things as much as you can (Stage performance...etc.)

14. Stay strong on your health and fitness by doing regular exercises and proper food diet. Give fitness the utmost importance.

15. Give proper fuel to your body. Your body is an Engine hence better fueling is necessary. To achieve long term goal it is very important to stay focused and stay positive and for that your health should support the effort to achieve that goal. Take healthy and balanced food.

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