How to know what's behind the tinyurl link , FAKE or GENUINE

As online communication is booming, online scam too is booming. These days a lot of news we might have heard, that before clicking any link think twice. Reasons could be, 
1. Your system would be hack after just clicking the link.
2. It will take control of your device.
3. It will empty your bank account.

And what's not...

Understanding the content behind the link probably you will be more confident to pay in certain website using link.

So one simple trick to know what's behind the tiny url is just add "+" after the link and click enter.
For eg:  this link probably looks scam or something like that, but believe me this a link to this site. Now how to know what's behind this link is simply add "+" after this link and enter. and enter and it will show this, the content behind the link.This simple trick will help you to prevent the "click on link" scam.

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