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Share market Globally is falling and rising, it happens in the past, presently its happening and will be there in the future too. No one can predict the share market fluctuation. But this fluctuation will make you to earn money. Most investor earn money by investing on the share which is fluctuating.

So here are three simple fundas by which you WILL make money 99.9%.

1. Choose right share.
2. Invest in Dip.
3. Wait.

Now your question would be How to choose right share.?

Pick any top 30 share, this are the TOP 30 companies which define the Sensex and is the most valuable company in terms of assets and quality.
  • Check last 1 year history how the stock have performed, 
  • check if the Quarterly profit  is increasing or stable, to make sure this company wont go bankruptcy.
  • Check if the Quarterly sales increasing or decreasing.
  • Check if the company have loans.
  • Check last 1 year news on that particular company in google and choose that company which you can relate to, I mean to say if you are into a particular sector or you consume particular product of a particular company choose that one initially when you starting up to understand the market.

Please don't put all your money IN BUYING SAME share. Also note use that money which you don't need within 10-12 months.

If you don't want to buy share, invest in mutual fund, if you are a novice, simply invest in Sensex or Nifty mutual fund and wait for the sensex or nifty to rise. This is one of the less riskier option to  
invest in share market. All above you can do this using GROW app

This is one of the perfect APP for the novice as you don't have to pay single penny to open up the Demat account.This is one in all solution where you CAN INVEST IN DOMESTIC SHARE MARKET, FOREIGN SHARE MARKET (USA- AMAZON, FACEBOOK, APPLE etc.) as well as 
Mutual Fund, FD and IPO.

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