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There are numerous Task types which are used in data engineering to improve the search engine. Now what does it mean? It means when we search some words the result that comes up in the search page must match up with what the user is searching.

The different types of Task that is there in the Search engine Evaluation is not fixed though, but I would try to give some of the task type to make you aware, who are interested to take up this job.

1. Keyword_Query_Relevance_Evaluation

2. Matcher_Evaluation_User_Action

3. Ads_Query_Video_relevance_Pilot

4. Query_Brand_comparison.

5. Search_Experience to Ad _Usefulness

6. Search Experience to Ad Usefulness

and so on, and this keeps on updating based on the scenario in the Ad field. As days passed by, the complexity of matching is increasing to give out optimum user search experience which we also called as SEARCH  ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

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