The type of Jobs Available in APPEN | Reality and Authenticity | Earn Genuinely minimum 40000 per month | No Hoax please

 The jobs available in APPEN are based on AI, which make the Artificial intelligence to grow. The human input data are collected using various project works and is used to train the machines. This gives the machine a human type of intelligence that is mainly an emotional intelligence. In layman words it gives the machine to think  in a human way to take up the decision.

All the jobs available are most genuine and is the one of the oldest firm of its won to start giving this AI related work. Be honest with your work what you are doing and you will get paid through payment platform which is a cross border payment platform system.

Types of work available:

1. Data collector

2. Transcribing.

3. Social media evaluator.

4. Search Engine evaluator (SEE).

and so on. And it gets updated as per the demand of the project. The above type of jobs are almost available all the time.

The Appen is an Australian Based Artificial Intelligence service based company and the pay rate they give is usually varies with the geographic regions. 

Pay rate for SEE:

Generally $2 to $3 per hour average with no limit in hours, this payout is mainly for Asian countries. whereas for US and UK they have time bound of 10 hrs per week and average pay out is $10-$12 per hour.

Pay rate for Transcribing: 

$15 to $20 per valid transcribed hours. Please note this is not per hour payout but per valid hour payout, which means the total valid voice to text transcription content should be of 1 hrs.

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