According to a survey, these 5 expenses are the biggest drivers of credit card debt this year [Updated 2023]

Although it may seem simple to accumulate credit card debt, doing so can be much more difficult.

According to a recent survey, nearly half (48%) of respondents still carry monthly credit card debt. Of course, you'll accrue interest fees if you don't pay off your credit card balance in full each month, which will increase the cost of those monthly bills a little.

However, it can occasionally be easier to say than do to pay off your credit card. The following costs are the main causes of credit card users carrying a balance:

A balance is being carried by 46% of respondents due to an emergency expense (i.e., a surprise medical bill, car repair, home repair, etc.).

Daily costs like groceries, child care, and utilities, according to 24% of respondents, are the cause of their continued credit card debt.

According to 11% of respondents, carrying a balance is primarily due to retail purchases like clothing and electronics.

11% of people named travel and/or entertainment costs as the primary cause of their credit card balance.

7% of respondents cited some other expense as the cause of their credit card debt.

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