Samsung introduces its first credit card

In collaboration with Axis Bank and Visa, Samsung introduces its first credit card.

A new co-branded credit card from Samsung and Axis Bank has been introduced in India. Visa will power the new Samsung-Axis Bank credit card, which offers a number of perks like cashback, reward points, and more. The Samsung Axis Bank credit card is available in two versions: Signature and Infinite. Each card has its unique set of advantages and deals for customers.

Credit card from Samsung Axis Bank: Features and Offers 

Throughout the year, the Samsung Axis Bank credit card offers 10% cashback on all Samsung goods and services. The 10% cashback offer through the Samsung Axis Bank Credit Card will be in addition to current Samsung discounts, on both EMI and non-EMI transactions, which will be a further source of delight for customers.

The purchase of any Samsung product or service, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, or Samsung services like Service Center payments, Samsung Care+ mobile protection plans, and extended warranties, will be eligible for this cashback offer. The 10% cashback will be valid for both online purchases on, Samsung Shop App, Flipkart, and authorized Samsung Service Centers as well as offline sales of Samsung items made through Pine Labs and Benow payment interfaces.

Customers have a choice between Visa Signature and Visa Infinite, as was previously mentioned. With a monthly cashback cap of Rs 2,500 on the Signature variation, cardholders may receive up to Rs 10,000 cashback yearly. With the Infinite option, cardholders have a monthly reward cap of Rs 5,000 and a yearly cashback cap of Rs 20,000. Due to the lack of a minimum transaction amount, users can receive 10% cashback on even the smallest Samsung purchases. Additionally, purchases made outside of the Samsung Ecosystem will earn cardholders Edge Reward Points.

In addition, Samsung India and Axis Bank have teamed with BigBasket, Myntra, Tata 1mg, Urban Company, and Zomato as important partner retailers. The Samsung Axis Bank credit card also includes free fuel price waivers, meal incentives, and access to a variety of Axis Bank and Visa promotions. Card from Samsung Axis Bank: Fees, perks of arrival, and more Both the Signature and Infinite variants have annual fees of Rs 500 + taxes and Rs 5,000 + taxes, respectively. Using the first three purchases made with each variant's card, cardholders will receive a welcome bonus of Edge Reward points. Cardholders of the Signature variant will receive 2,500 points worth Rs. 500, while those with the Infinite variant will receive 30,000 points worth Rs.

Customers can apply for the card at, the website for the Samsung Axis Bank credit card. The Axis Bank channels and the Samsung app ecosystem (Samsung Shop, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Members). On the specialised microsite at, customers can express interest in the Samsung Axis Bank credit card. Applications will soon be available online.

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