Do you know you can pay rent by using CRED and credit Card.?

What if, you replace the landlords bank account details with your relative bank account details and transfer the money at a nominal cost to your friend/relatives account. 

Describe CRED Rentpay.

One of CRED's most recent products, rentpay,    was created specifically for its users as an easy way to make rent payments. It offers a straightforward, hassle-free three-step approach for consumers to pay their rent using credit cards. In addition to being the most user-friendly software for rent payments, CRED also offers a variety of advantages to its users.

why use CRED to pay your rent online?

You can quickly pay your housing rent with a credit card using the rent payment feature of the CRED app. The software enables tenants to pay monthly rent with a credit card, and the money is immediately sent to the landlord's bank account.

App for online credit card payment With CRED's incredible rent payment option, members receive a rent credit with no interest as well as wonderful and cost-effective reward points that can be used to purchase goods from a variety of brands and categories. Depending on when your credit card's payment is due, the interest-free credit period could be anywhere between 18 and 48 and 25 and 55 days.

Rent and other regular payments should always be made on time; doing so not only relieves you of a lot of debt but also boosts your confidence in your ability to manage your finances. The online rent payment service is directly accessible through the CRED app, allowing users to pay bills instantly. additionally, members receive CRED coins.

Advantages of using a credit card to pay rent on CRED

Rent can be paid promptly and without delay online.

By using a credit card to pay your rent, you receive a term of interest-free credit.


Rent payments for CRED members result in special reward points.

Every month on the scheduled day, receive alerts about unpaid rent.

Transfer the pay amount to your trusted relative/friends bank account and then transfer to yours.

Processing charges would be 1-1.75% depends on the Credit card bank. For HDFC it is 1.5%. And you will get 30-50- interest free day to repay the amount.  

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