]Simplest Online WFH Job with decent Pay of 300$ average| Passive Income | Genuine Income Source | 100% Genuine & Practical [Updated]

One of the website that I come across for passive income sources after Appen is Ysense 

The simplest online job is this one, as even a 10-year-old child can complete it. Here, you must sign up for certain trustworthy websites that pay you for completing surveys.

With just 40 to 50 minutes of labour on these sites, it's simple to make $250 to $500.

Just 4 simple steps you have to follow to earn from these type of online jobs-

Join some legit PTC sites (It’s free to join)
Login to your account daily.
View ads & complete other tasks.
Get paid instantly

Remember: 300$ dollar in Inr is Rs: 24000 (approx) is a decent passive income. Even by working daily 40-50 min at max this is achievable.

Where you can do:

1. While travelling in Cab from Home to office or during return.
2. While you are on tour.
3. While you are free and want to work at your own pace. 

Even per day 2$ will give you 60$ by the end of month which is equivalent to 4800/- which is good amount working 10-15 minutes at max.

Small portion make huge impact in long term. At the same time while you work more you get paid more.

What you can do with Inr 4800.

1. You can Invest without impacting your regular salary.
2. Student can manage their own expense (e.g; mobile recharges, grocery items, small tour).
3. Save it for long term and purchase something big.

Consistency is what is needed. Your destiny is here Sign Up Ysense.

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