Cisco plans to provide cybersecurity training to 500,000 professionals in India over the next three years

 The increasing number of threat actors poses a risk to individuals, enterprises, and even nations to cyber-attacks. It has become essential to upskill the Indian workforce in cybersecurity. To address this challenge, the Indian arm of US security company, Cisco, has announced its plan to train 500,000 cybersecurity professionals in India over the next three years.

Daisy Chittilapilly, President of Cisco India and SAARC, emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in India's digital future. She stated that technology is becoming ubiquitous and that digital trust is essential to India's vision of a prosperous and inclusive future. Chittilapilly added that the skilling revolution in cybersecurity is necessary to make this a reality. Cisco is committed to building future-ready workforces through its Networking Academy program and aims to empower India's youth to take advantage of the cyber opportunities in the digital-first world.

Cisco, a global IT company, plans to train 500,000 Indian professionals in cybersecurity within the next three years. The training will be conducted through Cisco's Networking Academy program, which has been providing IT skills-to-jobs training for a long time. Cisco aims to empower 25 million people worldwide with digital skills through its Networking Academy program. The company has already trained 1.2 million students in India through 718 partnerships with educational institutions and organisations offering Networking Academy courses. Cisco plans to expand the scope of the program and train 500,000 individuals in cybersecurity by the end of fiscal 2025. Cisco reports that 95% of surveyed students who took Cisco certification-aligned courses have either obtained job opportunities or opportunities to further advance their education. Laura Quintana, Vice President, and General Manager of Cisco Networking Academy, said that investing in cybersecurity skilling and developing the next generation of security leaders has never been more crucial. India's growth and global competitiveness depend on building a strong digital economy that relies on a digitally skilled workforce. The Indian government is expected to create ten million jobs from the digital economy over the next two years, and organisations will require more skilled cybersecurity professionals to defend themselves against an evolving and complex threat landscape.

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