Explore the World of Cybersecurity and Cyber Crime in Popular European Movies.


"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2009) - a Swedish movie about a journalist and a hacker teaming up to solve a decades-old disappearance case, which involves cyber security threats.

"Who Am I" (2014) - a German movie about a group of hackers who try to gain recognition by breaking into some of the most secure computer systems in the world.

"Blackhat" (2015) - a US-German co-production directed by Michael Mann, but with a largely European cast, including Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Wu. The movie follows a group of international cyber criminals who orchestrate a major hacking attack on a Chinese nuclear plant.

"Nerve" (2016) - a US-German co-production about a young woman who gets caught up in a dangerous online game of truth or dare, where the stakes become increasingly high as the game progresses.

"The Circle" (2017) - a US-European co-production based on a novel by Dave Eggers. The movie explores the dark side of social media and technology companies, and how they can use user data for their own purposes.

"The Hater" (2020) - a Polish movie about a young man who uses social media to manipulate and destroy the reputations of people he dislikes.

"The Darknet" (2019) - a French movie about a young woman who falls into the world of cyber crime when she begins investigating her missing sister's online activity.

"Hackers are People Too" (2017) - a documentary film that explores the lives and motivations of hackers and cyber criminals.

"Ratter" (2015) - a US-German co-production about a college student who becomes the victim of a cyber stalker, who is able to hack into her computer and spy on her through her webcam.

"Chatroom" (2010) - a UK-Japanese co-production about a group of teenagers who meet in an online chat room and begin to engage in increasingly dangerous and manipulative behavior.

"The Net" (1995) - a US-German co-production about a computer programmer who becomes the victim of identity theft and must fight to clear her name and reclaim her life.

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