How Can Companies Address the Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent, a 'Critical Gap'?

As digital technologies continue to rapidly evolve and remote work becomes the norm, enterprises are struggling to keep up with the growing threat of cyber-attacks. Building a strong cybersecurity infrastructure is crucial, but it's equally important for companies to develop their cybersecurity talent base.

Unfortunately, a Fortinet report revealed that 80% of surveyed organizations experienced one or more data breaches due to a lack of cybersecurity skills and awareness.

To address this issue, conversations around cybersecurity must include the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals in India and the urgent need for upskilling and reskilling programs in the industry.

Shraddha Reghe, Senior Director of People Practices at Seclore, a data-centric security platform, sheds light on this critical issue and suggests ways organizations can tackle the talent shortage in cybersecurity.

India is witnessing a surge in ransomware attacks, following the United States and other Western countries. As enterprises turn towards digitalization, cybersecurity operations have become critical in safeguarding against data breaches and loss. However, despite this alarming trend, India is facing a severe shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Studies indicate that over 60% of organizations in India have open positions in cybersecurity, while the rest are struggling due to inadequate staff.

Although India has one of the world's largest software engineering talent pools, it must now focus on training experts in detecting cyber and ransomware threats. It is essential to understand that while technology such as virus detection and backup systems play an important role in cybersecurity, organizations must also prioritize people as a critical factor.

Factors Fueling Demand for Skilled Data Security Experts in India and the Potential Impact of the New Data Protection Bill.

The Growing Demand for Skilled Data Security Professionals in India Amidst Evolving Cybersecurity Landscape and the Impact of the New Data Protection Bill"

With the ongoing digital transformation and rapid cloud adoption, cybersecurity has become a crucial aspect of the technology industry. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, which has led to a rise in data breaches across industries. As a result, the demand for skilled data security professionals in India has increased significantly.

The digitalization of even the smallest tasks, such as making online payments to the local Kirana shop, has added to the outlets of data breaches. This coupled with the hybrid work culture has further increased the need for advanced data security efforts. To meet this demand, enterprises are now looking to hire skilled data security professionals in India.

Furthermore, the new data protection bill released by the Indian government has only added to the rising demand for data security professionals. Enterprises will need to introduce new frameworks to ensure critical data is not compromised. This has led to an urgent need to bridge the gap of skilled data security professionals in the country to adapt to the changing cybersecurity landscape

How can businesses tackle the shortage of cybersecurity talent?

The need for cybersecurity professionals is growing, but there aren't enough skilled workers to fill the gap. However, companies are finding ways to address this challenge. One approach is to use skilled data security professionals for critical thinking and innovation, while automated bots handle repetitive tasks. This allows companies to predict and address even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks without hiring more people. Another solution is outsourcing cybersecurity needs, while upskilling and mentorship programs can help close the skills gap. By using these innovative methods, companies can address the talent shortage and improve their cybersecurity efforts.

What are the qualifications to build a career in cybersecurity? What experience is desirable?

Building a career in cybersecurity is an excellent choice for professionals who enjoy problem-solving and working with clients across various industries. Cybersecurity is a vital aspect of the economy, and the demand for skilled professionals in this field is continually increasing.

To start a career in cybersecurity, the first step is to enter the tech workforce. Pursuing an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or an online cybersecurity degree can provide an excellent foundation for entering the sector. However, traditional computer science professionals are also showing interest in this field due to its fast-evolving nature.

In addition to formal education, it is important for cybersecurity professionals to continuously upskill and reskill themselves to stay current with the latest industry trends and demands. By doing so, they can be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of clients and organizations.

Seclore's approach to meeting client cybersecurity needs by building its data security talent and skills.

At Seclore, we cultivate a culture of fearless risk-taking and openness, empowering our cybersecurity talent to hone their abilities and develop elegant solutions to complex problems. Our team is equipped with critical thinking and analytical skills, and exposed to cutting-edge technologies.

To further our commitment to professional growth, we provide access to LinkedIn Learning and sponsor certifications to upskill or reskill our team. We also offer a buddy program for new hires and a learning partner program for ongoing product training and technical assistance.

At Seclore, our talent has the freedom to grow both vertically and laterally, encouraging curiosity and innovation. Join us to be part of a team that nurtures and empowers cybersecurity talent.

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