Police in Cyberabad have uncovered a cyber fraud that has led to the exposure of data belonging to 168 million individuals

 A cyber fraud scheme that exposed personal and confidential information of 168 million individuals has been uncovered and busted by the Cyberabad police. The police have arrested a group of cyber fraudsters who were found selling sensitive information belonging to 140 categories of people, including defense personnel, NEET students, PAN card data, and government employees. The accused sold the data through call centers and yellow pages services, using the numbers they collected to make calls to unsuspecting people and entice them with offers, making them share their bank credentials. The police seized 12 mobile phones and three laptops and have warned people against sharing personal information with strangers or on websites. The police have advised the public to use unique and complex passwords for each online account and keep updating them regularly to keep their accounts secure. Additionally, people should update their operating systems, software, and applications regularly, as software updates often include security patches to protect against cyber threats.

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